Esther Vogelpoel


Esther Vogelpoel (sandan) began her aikido training in Ireland in 1996 under the guidance of John Taylor Meldrum Sensei.


She regularly followed seminars with Alan Ruddock Sensei and continues to get instruction from Henry Kono sensei.


Aside from Aikido, Esther also practices Wing Chun Kung Fu with sifus Paul Smith, James Verbeek and George Sirag, and she practiced Tai Chi Chuan for several years with sifu Daniel Smith.

John O'Sullivan


John O'Sullivan (shodan) has been practicing Aikido since 1997.


He has trained with Scott Allbright Sensei (Shodokan Aikido), Tom Verhoeven Sensei, Henry Kono Sensei and Alan Ruddock Sensei.

Saket Kulkarni


Saket Kulkarni (nidan) has been practicing martial arts from a young age. He has built up experience over the years in Shotokan Karate, Kun Tao and Wing Chun Kung Fu.


Since 1997, he has practiced Aikido and has followed seminars with Dedobbeleer Sensei, Fujita Sensei, Imaizumi Sensei, Yamada Sensei, Tamura Sensei, Hine Sensei, Waite Sensei, Ruddock Sensei and Kono Sensei.