Seminar Linda Holiday


Linda Holiday sensei is chief instructor of Aikido of Santa Cruz in California, USA.
She trained in Japan as one of the first Westerners, studying with Hikitsuchi sensei (10th dan) and other high level shihan such as Motomichi Anno and Motoichi Yanase. Back in the U.S. she was influenced by Mitsugi Saotome, Hiroshi Kato and Terry Dobson.
Recently she published ‘Journey to the Heart of Aikido’. The book presents the teaching of her teacher Motomichi Anno Shihan (8th dan) who was one of the direct students of O’sensei.
In 2017 she visited the Netherlands for the first time and attracted an enthusiastic and international group of people. We are looking forward to having her back and hope you will join us for and inspiring weekend of training.

Details about the dinner on saturday as well as the saturday morning beach training + misogi to be announced.